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Harbingers of Desspair Release Date: Christmas 2023

Play as one of the main characters
Premade Character: Play as Blight Lord Desspair Necrossis or one of his senior guild leaders in your own instance of the world...
Play as yourself or your alter ego
Custom Character: Cast an incantation over the Body Creation Portal to make your very own vessel for your soul to inhabit in this realm...
Three (3) Ways To Play
Solo Off Line: Play in the world solo off line... No internet? No Problem!
Run Your Own LAN Server: Set up a very simple Chat and Zone server at home and play with some friends and/or family! (7 players total)
Online Official Multiplayer: Play as your Custom Character with Desspair himself in the Prime instance of the world when the sun is at the right angle and the remaining moons are in alignment...
No Class Restrictions
Customize Spells: You can customize Spells, Abilities, and Tradeskills to your liking with the right runes and components...
Make your own class type: Learn whatever Spells, Abilities, and Tradeskills you want to learn, and make your own single or multi class character...
2023 Trailer
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Updated: 01/05/2023
Bar Fight!
Game Events: Check out an example of a game event battle!
Updated: 10/04/2022
Pocket Dimension of Christmas?
Holiday Zones: Check out an example of a holiday themed zone!
Updated: 11/12/2022
Blacksmithing Tradeskill - 1st Look!
Tradeskills: Check out an example of a tradeskill mini-game: Blacksmithing!
Updated: 02/20/2023

Step on up to the Bartender...Game Support / LAN Server Support will appear here in the near future! See if Rummy has any spare coin for some ale while you wait...

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